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Products, support, and consulting for computer based data visualization.

VIS, Inc. provides training, support, and consulting for IBM's Visualization Data Explorer product and the OpenDX open source project.

Want to learn OpenDX but you're not sure where to start? Check out our book OpenDX: Paths to Visualization.

Do you need the sample files for use with our book? If so, you can download them here.

Latest News

12/30/15 VIS, Inc. will be shutting it "doors" on 12/31/15. We will continue to provide our binaries through

9/8/06 The OpenDX 4.4.4 DVD is now being duplicated and shipped. For those looking for physical media instead of a download--purchase yours now in our store. More information available here.

8/30/06 OpenDX 4.4.4 is now available and our MacOS X version is now a universal binary. If you have purchased OpenDX 4.4 already and need to upgrade, send us e-mail at and we can authorize a new download.

9/6/05 MapOnAllCounties is now ready for purchase. Not only can you purchase just your local state for doing visualization, but now if you need to perform a visualization across the entire U.S. by county--just purchase the data/macro combination and you're ready to go. See the following image for an example.

1/11/05 Now available is a command line program to convert postscript, eps, and Illustrator documents directly to the OpenDX native file format.

9/14/04 We've got two new modules for OpenDX. ExportDXF and ExportPS. ExportDXF will export dx geometry and color to a DXF file for import into other 3D packages; it is now available from our web store. ExportPS, using hardware rendering, can produce vector graphical output instead of raster from your visualizations. If you have a need for it, please contact us at

9/12/04 If you're looking for some help making Flash presentations from your OpenDX projects, we can help. We can also generate vector based animations from your OpenDX networks. Contact us if you're interested.

11/12/03 We've updated dxconvert to version 4.1 to fix some bugs. dxconvert is a utility to convert several types of data sets to native OpenDX .dx files. You can download it now from here.

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