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Visualization Consulting

We offer consulting and custom programming for Data Explorer and a variety of related data import, formatting/reformatting, export, and post-production processes.

Typical import processes include

  • extracting and importing data from databases such as Oracle or Microsoft/Access, or from geographic information systems such as Arc/Info
  • preparation and use of remotely sensed imagery
  • preparation and use of standard spatial data sets such as digital elevation maps or digital line graphs
  • preparation and use of standard statistical data sets such as census data sets

Typical formatting/reformatting processes include matching data formats used in public or customized simulation systems to Data Explorer requirements.

Typical post-production processes include designing and preparing output frames for use in Web pages, Web movies (e.g., via QuickTime or RealVideo), or digital video.

Also offered are professional audio, and professional multimedia services. We have consultants on staff with Masters Degrees in the fine arts.

Contact us for examples of our work, references to other (satisfied) customers, or initial free consultation about your requirements.

The prices shown below are typical for one-time or per-incident charges. Costs for large, ongoing projects can be negotiated on a per project basis.



VIS, Inc. is no longer providing consulting services.  

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