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OpenDX Paths to Visualization

From the Back Cover

Paths to Visualization is the first book to provide training materials for OpenDX, the open source version of the former IBM product Visualization Data Explorer™. The material presented here has been tested and refined in years of actual training sessions, and is currently used by VIS, Inc. for their OpenDX beginners course. The material is organized and presented as a sequence of lessons, designed to facilitate self-paced instruction for students working independently or in the context of a formal class. Each lesson is built around a visualization goal, an appropriate data model, clearly identified opportunities for individual experimentation and refinement, an example step-by-step solution, and discussion of relevant concepts. The visualization concepts covered apply in general, but are specifically illustrated with the facilities and operation of OpenDX. The set of lessons is designed to systematically take the serious student from the level of OpenDX novice to that of the advanced beginner, with each new lesson building upon concepts, examples, or visual programs developed in preceding lessons. The materials assume that the student is working hands-on with the OpenDX Visual Programming Environment, with access to real example data sets. It also provides hand-on experience with a variety of data sets, helping the student to understand how to import differently structured data and how to exploit the underlying OpenDX data model to achieve desired visual effects. (207 pages).


  • OpenDX software version 4.1.0 or later -- the software can be downloaded free from <>
  • Sample data files available from, which can be downloaded free from here.
  • For the eBook version, you will need to be able to open encrypted Acrobat® documents using freely available software such as Acrobat® Reader™ or Acrobat® eBook Reader™ downloadable from the links below.


When using OpenDX 4.2 to complete the execercises in Chapter 3, you will not be able to directly select the GIF file format. Please choose the ImageMagick format and name the file with a .gif extension or choose a different format all together.


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