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Data Explorer Related

We offer as unique set of products for extending Data Explorer. Looking for a module or macro to perform a specific task? Don't see it offered, we can probably build it custom for you. Send us an e-mail with your requirements.

All of these items are available for free via email. Please send the product information you wish to download to and we will email a download link. Our OpenDX books and the MacOS X download can be downloaded directly from the download ftp directory.

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Data Explorer Book

Quit banging your head against the wall. Get OpenDX: Paths to Visualization and help yourself over that steep OpenDX learning curve.

Data Files for use with our book

Available in three different formats

OpenDX CD-ROM and Binaries

Included in our Data Explorer CD-ROM are binary versions compiled by us including our special Window's and MacOS X binaries, documentation, and supporting ImageMagick binaries. Check out for more information.

Data Explorer Macros

Don't have the expertise available to combine modules together to perform certain tasks. Sometimes it is much easier to just download a usable macro. To download these items please contact us.


Date and Days
Ever want to import your dates as Month, Day, and Year and then be able to include/exclude a portion of them. Using these Macros it's as easy as using 1, 2, 3.

$25.00 per state
This set of macros and data let you produce county based visualizations similar to those of MapOnStates. Requires DX 4.3.2

This set of macros and data let you produce county based visualizations similar to those of MapOnStates. Requires DX 4.3.2


Data Explorer Modules

If you are looking for fast algorithms to perform a function missing in Data Explorer, look no further. We offer modules to enhance your DX environment and construct modules designed to meet individual needs. To download these items, please contact us with your platform (OS/hardware) information and we will check if a version is available.


Have a need to take your OpenDX 3D data to another application? Then this may be the ticket. You can export the 3D models with color data to an AutoCAD dxf file. Does not currently export DX FLE data or Screen objects. Can export as Polygon meshes or 3DFaces.

Have you ever wanted to have a higher quality output of your final image to take to press? With ExportPS, you can produce a vector postscript version. Requires hardware rendering capabilities.

Need to find where in your data to provide discrete breaks? This module uses the basic statistical application of percentiles to help create discrete colormaps.

No longer for sale--see note.
For scattered data that should actually be on a regular grid with regular connections, Scatter2Grid performs the regridding, adding an invalid mask where data is missing and uses a much more efficient algorithm than the regrid module (up to 10,000 times faster for a grid as small as 100 x 100). - This functionality has been added by Jeff Braun to the Regrid module with radius set to 0.

Screen Objects get rendered on top of a scene. Create an object, make it a screen object, and collect it in with the rest of the scene. This works great for specialized captions like compasses, clocks, etc.

No longer for sale--see note.
Splicing together separate grids such that they become one single object is not possible within DX. But with this module, typically used for splicing Digital Elevation Maps (grids) together, its a breeze. Most useful when grids may have a gap and need interpolation between the two. - This functionality can be achieved for the most part using Regrid.

Need to create a flight path for a camera or just smooth a set of connected points by creating interpolated values. This module uses Spline interpolation to do just that. Available as a loadable module, you get the source code and instructions on how to install it. Check out a flight path we produced with this module.


Data Explorer Converters

If you have data in a format that isn't easily read into Data Explorer, the converter for changing the format may have already been written and in use by somebody else. We have available a large number of format converters ready for you to use including USGS DEMs, DLGs, and many many others. Contact us with information about your format and we can let you know if a converter exists.

Postscript to OpenDX plug-in
Using the power of Ghostscript and pstoedit we have written an export plug-in module that will convert postscript, eps, and Illustrator documents directly to native OpenDX files. This command line utility allows you to finally import those documents you hand edit in Illustrator and use them within OpenDX.


Data Products in the DX native file format.

Looking for a specific data object, such as county boundary files, drop us a line. It may be available.



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