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Data Explorer Training

VIS, Inc. was founded by people who have been using Data Explorer and training others to use DX for the last several years. VIS, Inc. staff includes two professionals who have been recognized by IBM as "certified Data Explorer trainers", one of them being the author of the Web-based materials used for the official IBM Data Explorer training for the last several years.

VIS, Inc. now offers a new, extended version of the original training course. The new version extends over 3 1/2 days, covering topics that include:

  • The DX Data Model
  • Visual Programming
  • Tuning your workstation to run DX efficiently
  • Visual Techniques
  • Data Manipulation
  • Basics of Animation with Data Explorer
  • Tips and hints that make the job easier
  • Working with YOUR actual data
  • and much more ....

The chance for users to work with their actual data is particularly important. The final day of a course is reserved for the application of skills learned in the prior two and a half days. Users are encouraged to provide sample data sets (in advance, if possible) for use in the final day of class. The goal in this final day is twofold: first, to assist the user in developing a Data Explorer visual program that is tailored to the user's specific data and application; and second, to assist the user in identifying specific techniques and issues most pertinent to his/her data and application. Thus, this final day is spent identifying issues, options, and solutions in the lab setting, culminating ideas in a visual program that demonstrates the potential of Data Explorer in this application. Class sizes are kept small so that the trainer(s) are available during this time to assist individuals and small groups in meeting this objective.*

* In order to assist the users in meeting this goal, we strongly encourage clients to send real or example data sets to us at least one week prior to the start of a scheduled training session, along with a simple explanation of how the data is organized and what visualization goals have been identified. This allows the training staff time to load and verify the data, check for special import requirements, and prepare pertinent specialized examples. Please contact us for additional information on how to send data sets to the instructors.


Data Explorer Training Sites and Options

VIS, Inc. offers both "guided" and "self-paced" training options. The guided options include training under the supervision of experienced DX trainers at either the customer's own site or at a VIS, Inc. hosted site. Each guided training course is taught using VIS, Inc.'s training materials, led by one or more of our visualization experts, with the number of instructors depending on class size. Customers wishing to concentrate the training by isolating their staff from outside interruptions and daily routine can join one of the regularly scheduled training sessions at a VIS, Inc. site. Or, customers can avoid the possible disruption of travel, and profit from the convenience of allowing their users to train in a familiar environment, using their own equipment, by arranging their own customer-site training session.


Customer-Site Training

VIS, Inc. can arrange customer-site training for classes ranging in size from 1 to 12 students (or more than 12, by special arrangement). For customer-site training, the customer provides the computing and training facilities, typically consisting of a training room with one computer per student (or pair of students, if the customer prefers). The customer also needs to assure that Data Explorer and student accounts are installed and ready to go in advance of the training session. The customer can make these arrangements, or make special arrangements to have VIS, Inc. do the setup prior to the course. The customer is generally responsible for any setup costs, travel and local expenses for the trainer(s), and a per student cost (see the table below).


VIS, Inc. Training Sites

Throughout the year VIS, Inc. offers Data Explorer training at its own training sites. Specific sites and schedules vary with the demand from clients, but many of these sessions are hosted in resort settings in the scenic mountains of Western Montana, allowing attendees to supplement their training with recreational opportunities such as hiking, fishing, rafting, skiing, backpacking, and trips to nearby Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park. For example, one training facility is located on Flathead Lake, 1 hour south of Glacier National Park. If you are interested in VIS, Inc. hosted training, please contact us for our current training schedule.


Data Explorer Flexible Self-Paced Training

For customers interested in self-paced training, VIS, Inc. offers the materials from the certified course for use by Data Explorer users as a self paced course. With each set of materials are included four "hours" of remote instructor assistance, in the form of email responses and prearranged phone discussions. The assistance can be used to address topics associated with the training materials, as well as simple startup for specific applications, such as support for importing specific data sets and building initial visual programs. Additional remote assistance time can be purchased in 5 hour blocks, as needed. For more information on self-paced support packages, please refer to the technical support options.


We are no longer providing training.


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