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Windows version of OpenDX 4.4

"They've made OpenDX plug-n-play. No batch files, no path problems -- just click Install and off you go. Now I just double-click a .net file icon, hit ctrl-E and I'm looking at an image. I don't even have to launch my X server." -- Jeffrey Diamond, NIH/NINDS/SPU

Are you charging for this software?

Why were we selling our version of OpenDX for Windows and Mac? The main reason, cost!! It has cost us over $5000.00 just in software to get a very good compilation and installation put together. That doesn't include the time and effort involved (which is quite extensive). So we were trying to recoup some of our costs and generate revenue to help us improve OpenDX.

But now, Microsoft Research has sponsored our efforts and we are giving our Windows version away. It is available from This version is included on our CD-ROM--if you'd rather get it that way.

What exactly do I get?

An executable installer file that is as easy as a double-click.

Which platforms?

This version of OpenDX supports Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003. We no longer support Windows ME, 98.

What's so special about this version?

Not only is it pretty easy to install, but it adds nice Windows functionality such as being able to double-click .net files, getting pretty icons, auto launching supported X-Servers, Java Explorer ready to run after installing a Java virtual machine, and better support for Windows file paths. See the screenshot to see what we mean.

Also included is an executive that is native to Windows and does not require an X-server. This means that if you run dx in script mode, you can now use dx without the need to purchase an X-server. Note: the user interface still requires an X-server; this only works in script mode at this time.

How much will this cost me?

You as a user will still need an X-Server. If you wish to write your own software to hook up to OpenDX, then you may have to start purchasing developers kits (Hummingbird's Exceed XDK), etc. but nothing more from us. Special Note: OpenDX users can get special pricing on Exceed and Exceed 3D--just visit our store.

Which X Servers support the auto-launch feature?

Hummingbird's Exceed 6.2 - 11.x. OpenGL hardware rendering supported with Exceed 3D.

Starnet's X-Win32 version 5.1.x and later. Special pricing available, ask us for more info.

Starnet's X-Win32 LX version 6.1 and later. This is a free X server for local only hosts and we have tested it. It does work well.

LabF's WinaXe version 6.1 and later now autolaunches and has been tested. As of version 7, it appears that the Mesa compatibility will make hardware rendering useful. Special pricing available, ask us for more info.

Where do I get it?

You can purchase the CD-ROM from us or download it from

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